Apex Marketing

Our plans

Entry Level Marketing

(Bronze Tier)

  • Basic Website Optimization: Ensure your website is user-friendly and optimized for search engines.

  • Social Media Setup: Create profiles on major social media platforms for brand visibility.

  • Email Marketing Starter Kit: Set up an initial email marketing campaign to engage with your audience.

  • Monthly Reporting: Receive basic analytics reports to track your online performance.



Growth Level Marketing

(Silver Tier)

  • Advanced Website Optimization: Implement advanced SEO strategies for better search engine rankings.

  • Social Media Management: Regular posting, engagement, and growth strategies on major social media platforms.

  • Email Marketing Campaigns: Develop and execute targeted email campaigns to nurture leads.

  • Lead Tracking and Analytics: Monitor and analyze lead behavior for informed decision-making.



Advanced Level Marketing

(Gold Tier)

  • Comprehensive SEO Strategy: In-depth SEO analysis, keyword research, and ongoing optimization.

  • Advanced Social Media Marketing: Tailored strategies for brand awareness, engagement, and lead generation.

  • Automated Marketing Funnels: Implement high-converting funnels to streamline the customer journey.

  • Dedicated Account Manager: A personal point of contact for strategy discussions and updates.

  • Priority Support: Access to priority support for prompt issue resolution.



Full Stack Premium

(Platinum Tier)

Holistic SEO Mastery: Dive deep with extensive SEO analysis, meticulous keyword research, and continuous optimization for unparalleled visibility.

Strategic Social Media Domination: Elevate your brand with customized social media strategies designed for maximum brand awareness, engagement, and lead generation.

Next-Level Marketing Funnels: Implement sophisticated, high-converting funnels to seamlessly guide customers through an optimized journey, maximizing conversion rates.

VIP Account Management: Enjoy the luxury of a dedicated Account Manager, providing personalized attention for strategic discussions, updates, and tailored guidance.

Expedited Priority Support: Experience top-tier service with expedited priority support, ensuring swift issue resolution and a seamless marketing experience.

Exclusive Analytics Insights: Gain exclusive insights into detailed analytics, empowering you with data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

Enhanced Brand Monitoring: Strengthen your brand with advanced monitoring tools to track and enhance your online reputation.